Our needs as supporting staff and as Therapeutic Parents raising children and young people are always changing as the children and young people grow and change. So it is in the child’s best interest that we are always learning and refining our skills.

A specific enquiry about training can be directed to your Lutheran Care Foster Care Case Worker or to our Training Team via fostercaretraining@lutherancare.org.au

All courses promoted by Lutheran Care are accessible and free of charge to all Lutheran Care Foster Carers. Happy learning!

Introducing the LBI Foundation

LBI Growth Action Plans

LBI Foundation have some upcoming training opportunities now available to you for free as part of Lutheran Care Foster Care’s Partnership with LBI Foundation and Dr Ivan Raymond. These training modules are designed to provide in-depth knowledge, tools and strategies on key topics for care communities.

We highly encourage you to join the community of foster and kinship carers from LBI Member Agencies across South Australia who will be linking into these trainings.  When you register via the Eventbrite links, enter “Lutheran Care” as your agency to access the trainings for free.

AC Education

AC Education is the number one provider of social care and education courses online.

Through our partnership and subscription with AC Education, these courses are available for approved Lutheran Care Foster Carers in 2022.

Submit an Expression of Interest to undertake an AC Education course online here.

Free Online Courses (AC Education)

AC Education is the number one provider of social care and education courses online. Through our partnership and subscription with AC Education, these courses are available…

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NEW: SECYP Refresher April

Are you due to refresh your mandatory certificate in 2022? Your certificate needs to be refreshed every three years. We’ve added a new Refresher Course…

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Mandatory Training

It is essential for your mandatory training to be kept up to date. This includes;

  • Safe Environments for Children and Young People (SECYP – formerly Child Safe Environments) refresher required every 3 years, and
  • Infant Safety Training (Kidsafe SA), refresher required every 2 years for as long as you are caring for children under 2 years of age.
  • First Aid & CPR (mandatory for Specialist Carers only). CPR refresher required every 12 months, and a general first aid refresher every 3 years.

Please be aware of when your training will expire and allow yourself enough time before it expires to book a refresher course. We host regular SECYP refresher courses and details about booking this course, Kidsafe Infant Safety and First Aid are also posted on the Lutheran Care website. If your certificates expire, you are required to attend the initial full day training again.

First Aid

It is mandatory to maintain your first aid currency as a Specialist foster carer. While it’s not mandatory to maintain First Aid & CPR as a generalist foster carer, it is highly recommended and can be undertaken at no cost to you as a foster carer. To maintain First Aid, you need to attend a refresher course every three years, and a CPR refresher course every 12 months.

If your current certificate has expired, you will be required to attend the full session which includes an online component prior to the class. If you would prefer not to complete the pre-work online there is a two-day option to attend in person.

Our preferred First Aid provider is St Johsn.

  1. Visit the St John’s website to search for nearby courses.
  2. Then proceed here to book.
  3. Our training administration team will then finalise and confirm your registration for the course of your preference and take care of the bill!

Additional Learning Opportunities

We support you to seek additional learning throughout the year and encourage you to engage in developing new skills and knowledge on a variety of topics. This could include attending a local conference, an in-house workshop or an external training opportunity.

Courses hosted by Lutheran Care are available and free to access for all LC foster families. A broad range of topics are available throughout the year Mental Health First Aid, Circle of Security-Parenting, Sexual Predator Awareness and more!

Your Lutheran Care Worker can also help you identify relevant and meaningful training opportunities based on your interests and goals outlined in your Personal Learning and Development Plan.

Online Courses (AC Education)

We have membership with AC Education who provide a range of online courses relevant to working with vulnerable children. As Lutheran Care Foster Carers, you have access to over 170 online courses.

Download the Course List to browse what is available to you through AC Education. Courses are online and can be be completed at your own pace.

To express interest in an online course, please contact your Lutheran Care Foster Care Case Worker who can request an access login for you.

How to Book

To book any training hosted by Lutheran Care, please submit a booking form online.

If you have a direct enquiry please email fostercaretraining@lutherancare.org.au.

Howard Bath Webinar

Presented online on Friday, 17 July 2020

Download the Presentation Slides here.