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Free Online Courses (AC Education)

AC Education is the number one provider of social care and education courses online. Through our partnership and subscription with AC Education, these courses are available…

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Carer Satisfaction Survey

View a PDF of the Survey here Dear carers,We have launched our 2022 Carer Satisfaction Survey and invite you to share with us what we…

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Carer Appreciation Event

2022 Carer Appreciation Event Invitation It is with great delight we formally invite you to the annual Lutheran Care Carer Appreciation Event. This Appreciation event…

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Grievance and Resolutions

One of the ways in which we strive to provide quality service to families is ensuring that there are mechanisms for Foster Carers to provide…

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DCP moving to e-communications

The Department for Child Protection (DCP) is moving to electronic communication with carers, starting with emailed carer subsidy slips in July 2022 and soon to…

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Home Visits – Clarification

Carer Reference Group reps raised timely questions about home visits at the June meeting. Questions included, ‘does the worker need to sight the child? Is…

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Carer Inquiry Update (March 2022)

Lisa O’Malley – I have been a Carer advocate for about a decade and have supported many Carers over the years. When Carers concerns and requests for support continued to increase, it became obvious that there was nowhere independent for Carers to have serious issues such as abuse of power appropriately investigated and resolved.

Carers constantly asked me what we could do to stop the abuse of power over Carers?

Joyce Woody and I conducted various surveys which clearly identified the abuse of power Carers are experiencing on a regular basis. 

We collated all the information and prioritised the issues, wrote reports and presented them to Minister Sanderson and DCP staff.

Approximately 20 Carers attended a meeting with the Minister and Executive staff supporting the abuse of power report by sharing their experiences. 

What started as two Carers gathering information quickly grew to a movement of hundreds of Carers and became the Carer Project. Carers advocated to members of parliament for an Inquiry and much needed change.

The Hon John Darley took an interest in Carer concerns and with the support of other Independent MPs and Labor, we managed to get the Independent Inquiry into Foster and Kinship Care passed through parliament.

We continued to advocate on behalf of Carers and raise their concerns regarding the Independent Inquiry.  Labor acknowledged Carers concerns, and that the Inquiry had not been established in the way it was intended and offered a rescue plan to review the Inquiry outcomes.  If “Carers” are not happy with the outcomes of the Inquiry, the Labor Party would conduct a full review.

The Carer Project continue to advocate and share Carer concerns and look forward to working with the new government to ensure Foster and Kinship Carers receive the Independent Inquiry they want and deserve. We encourage all Carers and their support networks to make submissions on as many topics as they can to ensure the recommendations achieve sufficient outcomes for Carers.

Recording of Lisa’s update regarding the Carer Inquiry as presented at the Lutheran Care Carer Reference Group, Tuesday 22 March, 2022.