Types of care

Foster carers can provide various types of care for differing lengths of time.

There are generally four types of foster care:

Respite care

Respite care usually takes place over weekends and school holidays. This type of care provides families with a break while the child or young person enjoys a positive experience. The period of care can be negotiated on a regular basis or for a one off stay.

Emergency care

Emergency care may be needed at any time and on very short notice. It can be an overnight stay or last up to two weeks.

Short term care

Short term care is required for a period of between two weeks and two years. At the end of short term care a child or young person may be placed in long term care.

Long term care

Long term care may be needed when a child is unable to live with their family and needs a stable, safe environment in which to grow up or until they can return to their family.

Long term care may be required until the child turns 18.