Tips for reducing costs at Christmas

We celebrate Christmas once a year but don't pay for it all next year

  • Make Christmas a time to focus on quality time with family and friends. Organise for a shared lunch or dinner where everyone contributes.
  • Buy your presents throughout the year, look out for sales and specials.
  • Instead of family members having to buy gifts for everyone, suggest that each person draws a name out of a hat and buys a gift only for the person whose name they draw out.
  • Make your own Christmas cards and write in them the things that you really value about the person you are giving the card to.
  • Put an extra grocery item in the cupboard each pay as a store for Christmas.
  • Make your own presents.
  • Lay-by gifts during the year.
  • Give gifts of need.
  • Try to pay cash for gifts instead of using credit cards.
  • Contact family and friends and inform them that you are setting a $5 limit per person and giving something that is fun or a particular theme.
  • Get everyone together for a shared picnic and have a lucky dip.
  • Grow some cuttings or seeds as presents to give at Christmas.
  • Spend a day on the weekend baking goodies as gifts for friends, colleagues and family.
  • Organise to share the cost of the family meal and rotate the location yearly.

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