LISP and ER Directories

South Australian Emergency Relief Directory 2017 (Version 2)

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Emergency Relief services are an essential part of our society's support of the most vulnerable in the community. Ensuring that people are able to access the appropriate local service can make a big difference in helping people cope with an emergency in their lives. We hope that this directory will help you to quickly find the information you need in order to connect people to the services they need.

We would like to thank all the agencies who have provided their information. We realise that there may still be gaps; and therefore we commit to updating the directory as often as we can to ensure we have a timely and accurate resource.

We could not have completed this resource without the support and information provided through the South Australian Government Department for Communities and Social Inclusion (DCSI) and the Federal Government Department of Social Services.

Agencies: To update your information in the Emergency Relief Directory, please call 08 8269 9300.

South Australian Low Income Support Directory 2014

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This Low Income Support Program Directory was first developed through the work of the Enfield Anti-Poverty Forum and the Low Income Support Program based at Lutheran Community Care (LCC). The program is funded by the Department for Communities and Social Inclusion.

This is by no means an exhaustive listing of services or agencies within this broad area of Adelaide, and references are made to more comprehensive listings of community services in South Australia.

In detailing information of over 100 agencies in Adelaide, it is possible that errors or omissions have occurred. Changes to some services are also likely to take place between now and the next update of the LISP Directory.

Agencies: To update your information in the Low Income Support Directory, please call 08 8269 9300.

Financial Directory 2014

'Concessions, Grants and Other Financial Resources 2014'

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This resource has been developed by Lutheran Community Care's Low Income Support Program and complements the South Australian Emergency Relief and Low Income Support Program directories. This document details a range of support opportunities available which can often be accessed by Caseworkers or Financial Counsellors during their advocacy and support for people in need.

LISP Directory 2014

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Financial Directory 2014

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2017 SA ER Directory_v2.pdf

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