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Food + Support + Care = Hope for Thousands of Australians

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Hope for single mothers like Karen...

Karen came to us with two young children in search of affordable housing after separating from her husband. She had creditors threatening daily to repossess her car and could not afford to purchase food or pay other outstanding bills. While talking with a staff member it was clear that Karen was not coping well and that her husband was not contributing financially to help with the children.

We were able to immediately provide Karen with food parcels and fuel vouchers as well as bedding and linen and referred her to a housing provider. After working out a budget with Karen, our financial counsellor contacted her creditors to advise that they could not repossess the vehicle as Karen had paid more than 75% of the loan. After lodging a complaint with The Financial Ombudsman, the calls stopped. The financial counsellor also brought the harassment to the attention of the Australian Securities and Investments Commission to ensure future behaviour of the creditor was monitored. Karen, after being referred to our relationship counsellor to help her develop coping skills, has now found permanent full-time work. She is doing well with continued encouragement and support from our team and continues to express her gratitude to the workers who helped change her life so significantly.

LCC’s ability to advocate for and support people like Karen is only possible because of supporters like you and gifts like your donation for Parcels+ for Lent. We pray that you are able to continue your support so that others in need will also find hope this year.

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Palm Sunday: Good News in the Darkness

As we enter the season of Lent and we reflect on the sufferings of Christ, our hearts also respond to the suffering of others in our community. At Lutheran Community Care the demands on our welfare services continue to increase at an alarming rate. This is part of a series of weekly reflections throughout Lent.

From the reading Acts 12:1-19

How do you respond when all seems dark and hopeless?

This passage begins by describing a dark time for the followers of Jesus. Herod is on the rampage, James has been killed and Peter has been arrested and placed in prison. The believers would have been justified in thinking that they too would be killed. It would have brought back memories of that terrible time of Jesus' arrest and death on a cross. Fear and hopelessness would seem to be entirely appropriate.

The community responds by gathering at Mary's house and praying. Maybe it is because they are so focused on praying that they don't respond to Rhoda the servant girl when she comes to tell them that Peter is at the gate, she has recognised his voice. Of course it doesn't help that she is so excited that she has forgotten to let Peter in. He is standing out in the street at risk of being arrested again.

This story reflects the passion story we remember as we approach Easter. Like the announcement by the women of the resurrection of Jesus, the announcement of Peter's escape comes through a person easily dismissed as unreliable and in circumstances the believers simply could not imagine.

We can be grateful that despite our doubts and our slowness to respond we have a God who comes to us in unexpected ways and through situations beyond our limited imaginations. Like Rhoda, the supporters, volunteers and staff of Lutheran Community Care bring the good news of hope in the midst of darkness and despair. With your help, we can continue to accompany Rhoda and open the gates to the unexpected mystery of God's love and compassion for all people.

 See the insert provided in the March edition of Together magazine or click here to donate to the LCC Lenten Appeal today.

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Lutheran Community Care provides community services on behalf of the Lutheran Church in South Australia and Northern Territory.

We support communities through responding to the needs of individuals and families, community development, learning opportunities, accommodation and support.

Much of our work aims to address poverty and injustice so that those in need are empowered to achieve their full potential.

Our services are based on respect, integrity and compassion. We work with communities to develop efficient and effective ways to respond to individuals and families in need. We embrace all people regardless of language, culture, ethnicity or religion.

Our staff and volunteers walk alongside those in need to provide, not just the necessities of food, clothing and shelter but also support and care.

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