Lent Appeal: Help us bring new life in the desert


In this beautiful painting by Aboriginal artist Ruth Cook, the central cross is surrounded by forty bush tomatoes which grow in the desert regions of the Northern Territory. These bush tomatoes draw a similarity to the 40 days of Lent during which we remember Jesus' journey to the cross.

But these bush tomatoes are also a remarkable symbol of life growing in Australia’s arid landscapes, a fitting symbol for us at Lutheran Community Care as we work alongside struggling Australians at a time when all seems lost.

As a supporter of the work of Lutheran Community Care you are part of our journey. You are helping people find a renewed sense of hope in their darkest moments and together we can bring new life to lives which seem desolate. If you are able, please make a donation today to change the lives of struggling families this Easter

Pray with us this Lent

We are inviting you to pray with us over the next several weeks so that we may bring love and life to the desert places of our lives and community. 

We have created a 40 days of Lent prayer calendar full of prayer suggestions for the work of LCC and ministries of care around the world. Please follow along with us. Download the prayer calendar and print it off, or follow us on Facebook to see the prayer requests in your daily news feed. 
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About Us...

Lutheran Community Care provides community services on behalf of the Lutheran Church in South Australia and Northern Territory.

We support communities through responding to the needs of individuals and families, community development, learning opportunities, accommodation and support.

Much of our work aims to address poverty and injustice so that those in need are empowered to achieve their full potential.

Our services are based on respect, integrity and compassion. We work with communities to develop efficient and effective ways to respond to individuals and families in need. We embrace all people regardless of language, culture, ethnicity or religion.

Our staff and volunteers walk alongside those in need to provide, not just the necessities of food, clothing and shelter but also support and care.


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Download the DV Handbook

Updated in 2010 by the South Australian Council of Churches, this handbook was developed as a Christian community response to domestic violence within the community.

It is a 'field manual' of basic information - a reminder to assist those in the church to detect and respond to domestic violence. 



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Lutheran Community Care is accredited at Certificate Level of the Australian Service Excellence Standards