If you are in need of emergency housing please call one of the following gateway services (24 hours, 7 days):

Homelessness 1800 003 308 (freecall from a landline)

Youth (Aged between 15 and 25) 1300 306 046 or 1800 807 364 (freecall from a landline)

Domestic Violence and Aboriginal Family Violence  1300 782 200 or 1800 800 098 (freecall from a landline)

Outer Southern Homelessness Service

Outer Southern Homelessness Service provides support and assistance to individuals and families who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless in the Onkaparinga Council area.

Lutheran Community Care defines homelessness as:

'a person is homeless if and only if he or she has inadequate access to safe and secure housing'

Factors that effect access to safe and secure housing and contribute to the risk of homelessness include situations where the only housing to which a person has access:

  • damages or is likely to damage the person's health
  • threatens the persons safety
  • marginalises the person through failing to provide access to adequate personal amenities of the economic and social supports that a home normally affords
  • places the person in circumstances that threaten or adversely affect the adequacy, safety, security and affordability of that housing.

Homelessness also includes having no fixed abode or sleeping rough.

For the Aboriginal culture homelessness has a slightly different aspect. While including the list above there is also a spiritual form of homelessness that is associated with being separated from home, family and their land.

We work with clients to source stable and affordable accommodation options.

Outer Southern Homelessness Services: