Feedback and Complaints

Our Commitment

Lutheran Community Care is committed to treating people who use our services with dignity and respect at all times. We welcome feedback and complaints as they help us identify service improvement opportunities to increase customer satisfaction; and respond effectively to individual cases of dissatisfaction.

To provide feedback or make a complaint please fill in the form below (PDF) and post it to:

Feedback and Complaints Handling Manager
Lutheran Community Care
PO Box 1020

Or email to:

Feedback and Complaint Handling Process

Feedback and Complaints will be acknowledged and dealt with quickly and fairly. This may require an investigation if necessary.

If you are dissatisfied with our services, please first speak to the person the complaint is about. If a resolution is not possible, please ask to speak to the Manager of the program or office. If you are still not satisfied in the handling of the complaint, please complete the Feedback Form (see below) and forward to the LCC Deputy Director at the address above.

Once the Deputy Director receives your feedback you should receive an acknowledgement letter within 48 hours. Depending on the urgency of the feedback, you may receive a telephone call or email.

If the feedback contains a suggestion or compliment, it will be confidentially forwarded to the respective Manager for their information.

If the feedback contains a complaint, it may require further investigation. In this case a decision should be made within 28 days of receiving the feedback form and a Complaint Finalisation Letter will be sent to the complainant. If a decision is not made within 28 days the complainant will be notified of the delay via a Complaint Status Letter.

All Feedback and Complaints received are completely confidential.

Feedback Form

> Feedback Form (68.56 KB)

Complaint Form

> Complaint Form (81.14 KB)