What is counselling?

Counselling provides an opportunity to share personal concerns or goals with another person who is professionally trained to help.  

A counsellor can assist you to cope with a crisis or difficulty or help you develop skills to achieve new outcomes for yourself, your relationship or your family.  

Counselling will help you:

  • clarify your concerns
  • gain understanding
  • consider alternatives
  • set goals
  • implement strategies.

 Sessions usually last from 1 - 1½ hours (the first appointment may be longer).


You may be referred to a Family Relationship Centre or Mediator or other professional practitioner if our counselor assesses that your needs could be better met through their help.

Our service

 Lutheran Community Care Counselling Service offers professional support and guidance from trained Christian counsellors.

The service is open to people of all ages and backgrounds. 

Individuals, couples or families can share problems before they become crisis, be listened to and be offered genuine care and support when facing difficulties.

Services include:

  • Personal counselling  for issues such as concerns, crisis, depression, guilt, fear, loss and grief, abuse, domestic violence
  • Pre-marriage preparation and counselling including PREPARE and ENRICH
  • Marriage and relationship counselling
  • Support through separation or divorce
  • Assistance to families / parenting support

Who should attend?

Anyone can attend counselling. 

If you are experiencing relationship problems with your partner, they are best resolved together with both partners sharing the experience of discussing the issues.

If your partner will not attend counselling with you and you need to come on your own, you will still find the sessions helpful. Many seemingly reluctant partners to attend if simply invited.

Country Services

LCC has a number of bases from which we offer our services (see below).

Country people are welcome to telephone a counsellor to discuss how best to access services.

Local Pastors or counsellors from other counselling agencies may also be able to provide assistance.


LCC Counselling Services maintains confidentiality except where a mandatory reportable offence (e.g. child abuse) has been disclosed or where there is a risk of harm to yourself or another person. Lutheran Community Care participates in Government Information Sharing Guidelines for the benefit of the people it serves for the safety of those who are vulnerable and to avoid duplication of information. Except where legal requirements determine otherwise, participants in our service would provide consent before any information is shared.

Counsellors receive professional supervision to ensure high standards of services are maintained. The supervisor is strictly bound to maintain confidentiality. Names are not disclosed in supervisor/counsellor discussions.

You may access your records on request. Records are not protected against court subpoena.

Counselling Services are provided from:

  • Barossa Tel: 08 8562 2688
  • Blair Athol Tel: 08 8269 9300
  • Magill Tel: 08 8331 3111
  • Murraylands Tel: 08 8531 3644

Services are primarily funded by the Australian Government Department of Social Services targeting those in the eastern and western areas of Adelaide, Adelaide Hills, Murraylands and beyond and the Barossa Valley region.

Those seeking a Christian counselling service are not limited by any region in SA.

For address and other contact detail go to Contact Us or Where to find us 


The fees are assessed according to household income. The fees for each session are listed below:

Family Income


Pension only/unemployed/student $20
$15 - $25,000 pa $30
$25 - $35,000 $35
$36 - $50,000 $50
$51 - $70,000 $60
Over $70,000 $75

No one will be denied a service because of an inability to pay.


If you wish you may give a donation to assist disadvantaged individuals, couples or families participate in counselling. While the program is strongly supported by the Australian Government Department of Social Services, Lutheran Community Care makes a significant financial contribution to the Family Relationship Services program of which counselling is a primary part.