Christian Community Care Sunday

Christian Community Care Sunday is usually celebrated on the last Sunday in September. However it can be celebrated at any time of the year depending on when it fits with your congregation's program. It has a number of purposes:

  • to recognise and acknowledge the many people within our congregations who support others
  • to remember the call of Christ to reach out to those in need
  • to thank God for the privilege of living in a community and having enough to share
  • to celebrate the work carried out by Lutheran Community Care with and on behalf of the Church.

Save the Date: 11-17 October


This year Christian Community Care Sunday will be held on Sunday, 27 September but we are inviting congregations to celebrate Christian Community Care Sunday in conjunction with Anti-Poverty Week from 11-17 October. Anti-Poverty Week aims to strengthen public understanding of the causes and consequences of poverty within Australia and to encourage action to address these problems.

We are asking congregations to host their own event to raise funds for the work we do within our Emergency Relief program. We've put together some suggestions for you to help raise awareness and support the millions of Australians living in poverty. An Anti-Poverty Week Resource Pack is available to download at the bottom of this page. You can hold your event on 27 September or during Anti-Poverty Week, whichever suits you.

If you choose to celebrate Christian Community Care Sunday during your Sunday service, we have developed some prayers that you may wish to use in whatever way suits your context. A full program is attached in PDF format below.


  • We pray for older people who are lonely and isolated and for those with disabilities who have no-one to care. We ask that there would be people in our community who respond to the call for people to care.
  • We give thanks for the volunteers who tirelessly support Lutheran Community Care and other caring ministries throughout our church.
  • We pray for children who are in foster care and their Carers and the professionals who work with them, as well as for those who are no longer in care and are struggling to survive without caring adults around them.
  • We pray for Lutheran Community Care Council – and the management and advisory groups connected with Lutheran Community Care. We ask that they develop a clear vision of our Church’s caring ministry and ways of making that vision a workable reality.
  • We pray for those who are suffering losses – of family members, of friends, of home or any other loss.
  • We pray for staff and volunteers who work to help people in need so that they have patience and love in their hearts as they listen to people’s troubles.
  • We pray for those in our indigenous communities. Help us to work for understanding justice and reconciliation.
  • We give thanks for the opportunities which we have to spread the gospel through the work of Lutheran Community Care.
  • We pray for the courage to speak out when we see injustice or oppression.
  • We pray for refugees – that there are people who can help them to find their way around out culture and community and that they would be comforted as they grieve for all they have lost.


(The response from the congregation to each prayer is ‘Hear our prayer’)

  • Compassionate God, your son Jesus became hungry and thirsty and often had nowhere to lay his head and rest. Help us to reach out as he did to those who lack the basic necessities of life. As Jesus began life as a refugee from political madness make us compassionate towards those who have no place to call home because life in their home country is no longer safe. As Jesus was cast out of his community, show us His face in those in our communities who are rejected and alone. Lord in your mercy.
  • Father of mercy, we thank you today for the ministry of Lutheran Community Care, its council and leadership and all the staff and volunteers. Grant all who work under the umbrella of Lutheran Community Care courage to face the challenges that confront them each day, and wisdom and understanding as they work out the best ways of serving. Protect them from the dangers associated with their work; and instill in them a profound sense of the love of Christ so that they may share Him in all that they do. Lord in your mercy.
  • Loving Saviour of us all, be with all those who struggle in our state and country. We pray for those who have no money, that their needs may be met. We pray for those who are poor in spirit that they may learn that they are created in your image and they are infinitely precious to you. Be with those in government and their advisers help them be more aware of the dire need within our community so that they respond to this poverty with wisdom and good governance. Lord in your mercy.
  • Dear Heavenly Father, you gave your only Son to save us. We pray that you would be with all those who care for those in need. Watch over them and help them to see your face in the face of those they serve. We pray that you would continue to make opportunities available so that your people can share Christ’s love not only in meeting human needs but also in preventing needs from arising. Lord in your mercy.

Christian Community Care Sunday Service Order 2015

> Christian Community Care Sunday Service Order 2015 (111.01 KB)

LCC Anti Poverty resource pack

> LCC Anti Poverty resource pack (159.30 KB)