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About Us...

Lutheran Community Care provides community services on behalf of the Lutheran Church in South Australia and Northern Territory.

We support communities through responding to the needs of individuals and families, community development, learning opportunities, accommodation and support.

Much of our work aims to address poverty and injustice so that those in need are empowered to achieve their full potential.

Our services are based on respect, integrity and compassion. We work with communities to develop efficient and effective ways to respond to individuals and families in need. We embrace all people regardless of language, culture, ethnicity or religion.

Our staff and volunteers walk alongside those in need to provide, not just the necessities of food, clothing and shelter but also support and care.


Strong, caring communities inspired through the love of God

Our Philosophy and Values

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Today, Lutheran Community Care has grown from one paid staff member to over 100 full time and part time staff and over 600 wonderful volunteers. There are 10 offices with several outreach locations, five op shops and over 50 social and community programs that support many thousands of individuals and families every year across South Australia and the Northern Territory. Find out more


Lutheran Community Care has offices at the following locations
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