Who can be a foster carer?

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Foster carers are everyday members of the community who have a strong commitment to help others, especially children.

Foster carers are not expected to be perfect but they do need to relate well to children and be committed to meeting children's needs.

To become a foster carer, you will need to undergo an assessment process where the maturity, health and lifestyle of the applicant is considered and compared with the care request. (Steps to becoming a foster carer)


Some of the general things foster carers need to consider:

  • Carers may be male, female, single, or a couple and are usually over 25 years of age.
  • Carers do not have to be employed but they should have adequate financial resources to care for extra children. A foster care subsidy, which is not taxable is paid to carers to help cover the cost of caring for foster children. What support is available
  • Safe and adequate accommodation should be provided for a child. This doesn't mean that foster children need their own bedroom; however, a foster child needs his or her own bed and can share a room with other children if appropriate.
  • Before taking on the responsibility of foster care it is important to ensure that you are not overly stressed and are able to provide the level of emotional support that is necessary.


If you are interested in talking more about becoming a foster carer, or would like further information, please register for an information session , ask for an information pack or send an enquiry to us