Our Winter Appeal

Help us build a brighter future for thousands this winter..

Together we can build an Australia where...

  • people are connected, belong and are valued in their community
  • everyone is able to live well
  • everyone has a place to call home
  • all families are strong and help to build community
  • everyone is safe in their home, community and work
  • all children are healthy, capable and resilient

Help someone going without this winter...

To view the full Winter Appeal letter and the Winter edition of our News & Views Newsletter click here.

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Download the DV Handbook

Updated in 2010 by the South Australian Council of Churches, this handbook was developed as a Christian community response to domestic violence within the community.

It is a 'field manual' of basic information - a reminder to assist those in the church to detect and respond to domestic violence. 



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Lutheran Community Care is accredited at Certificate Level of the Australian Service Excellence Standards