Lutheran Community Care provides community services on behalf of the Lutheran Church in South Australia and Northern Territory.

We support communities through responding to the needs of individuals and families, community development, learning opportunities, accommodation and support.

Much of our work aims to address poverty and injustice so that those in need are empowered to achieve their full potential.

Our services are based on respect, integrity and compassion. We work with communities to develop efficient and effective ways to respond to individuals and families in need. We embrace all people regardless of language, culture, ethnicity or religion.

Our staff and volunteers walk alongside those in need to provide, not just the necessities of food, clothing and shelter but also support and care.

Christian Community Care Sunday

Christian Community Care Sunday is usually celebrated on the last Sunday in September. However it can be celebrated at any time of the year depending on when it fits with your congregation's program. It has a number of purposes:

  • to recognise and acknowledge the many people within our congregations who support others
  • to remember the call of Christ to reach out to those in need
  • to thank God for the privilege of living in a community and having enough to share to celebrate the work carried out by Lutheran Community Care with and on behalf of the Church.

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Stronger Relationships for Couples

Apply for a Relationship Voucher

The Stronger Relationships trial will run for 12 months from 1 July 2014, and provide up to 100,000 couples with $200 towards relationship education and counselling. Visit www.dss.gov.au/strongerrelationships for more information or to register for the trial.

You can use your voucher for a variety of services at Lutheran Community Care. After you receive your voucher number, make an appointment with one of our qualified relationship counsellors or book into a relationship course. For more information about eligibility, counselling locations and upcoming courses click here.

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